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Week 3 Results

Last week's Quiz was a hard-fought affair with the lead moving back and forth as the competitors traded knowledge of various subjects. In the end it came down music knowledge to separate the teams at the top-end and Team Pretzel from Saffron Walden took the spoils.

The top 5 teams were:

Team Pretzel - 50 Points (64.1%)

Tenko & Sophia - 48.5 Points (62.2%)

Team Fogg - 46 Points (59%)

Jason & Sonya - 45.5 Points (58.3%)

Rob & Mand - 43.5% (55.8%)


Winners by Round Type:

General Knowledge: Team Pretzel & Howe End (9 Pts)

Technology: Jason & Sonya (11 Pts)

Sport: Team Pretzel (9 Pts)

Music: Team Pretzel (16 Pts)

Celebrities: Caz, Darren, Pandemaniacs (6 Pts)

Great Britain: Howe End, Tenko & Sophia, Team Pretzel, Jason & Sonya, Team Fogg (5 Pts)

Most likely to be deported (lowest points on Great Britain): Pandemaniacs (1 Pt)


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