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Lending a Helping Hand

In March 2020, the UK Government recommended that the public avoid all unneccessary social contact, work from home, and do not go out unless unavoidable. Further, over 70's and those with health conditions that make them the most vulnerable to the virus should self-isolate for 3 months or more and not leave their house, making everyday life almost impossible.

Founded in response to the Global Coronavirus epidemic, Pandemic Angels aim to help those who have been quarantined or ordered to self-isolate, by bringing together those who want to help their community, with those who desperately need their assistance to carry on living. We can't do anything without you! If you can help your local community, with trips to the shops, urgent supplies or anything else, then please register your details and what you can help your community with now, so we can start to assist those who need it the most.


We are non-profit and have relied on a lot of help and favours to pull everything together. We don't employ anyone and everyone involved with Pandemic Angels is a volunteer. We don't make a penny out of this and if anything, it's cost us to get going. We are doing this because we are passionate about helping our communities and we want you to be too.


If you're ready to volunteer, then hit the sign-in button above and then create an account to begin advertising your services.

If you need help and are ready to start searching for volunteers in your area, tap the Pandemic Angels logo in the top left to go back to the home page and begin your search.

Pandemic Angels does not provide volunteers directly or vet them at this stage. Pandemic Angels is simply a directory to help you contact volunteers who may be able to help you while you are self-isolating.

You should always check the credentials of everybody who offers you assistance and ensure they are who they say there. Please read our keeping safe guide and do not hand money over in advance to anyone you do not know. Most people are genuine in their intentions but you should protect yourself from scams and criminals who seek to prey on the vulnerable.

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