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23/03/2020 @ 20:30

The Prime Minister Boris Johnson has announced that the UK has entered a state of National Emergency and British Citizens may only leave home for the following reasons:

  1. To buy household essentials.
  2. To travel to a single place of work if working from home isn't possible.
  3. To help the vulnerable and elderly.
  4. For one form of exercise daily. Alone, or with members of your household only.

Enforcement will be facilitated by the police.

More people than ever will need your help. Register and volunteer now. Be a community Angel today. Love Thy Neighbour.


Our best advice we can give you is to keep up to date with the NHS advice pages at:

The landscape is constantly changing and you can keep up via the various news channels:

Sky news stream with UK latest figures in a frame (ideal for projecting or in an office)


CURRENT FIGURES (+24hr Change):

98,476 Infections (+4,603)

12,868 Deceased (+761)

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